Web Design


Rho.net will construct a custom, complex web site for your business. Typical sites built by rho.net are complex and require custom programming, not just scripting. One example of a web site which was designed and built by rho.net is www.duats.com, which provides weather briefing and flight planning services to tens of thousands of pilots in the United States. This fully dynamic site handles thousands of pilot briefings per day, and required over 100,000 lines of custom programming.

Costs for the design and construction of a web site of moderate to high complexity by rho.net range from a minimum of approximately $50,000 to well over a million dollars.

Key Benefits

  • Rho.net understands the total design, programming,  deployment, and refinement process, and will be your partner through all phases of the project.
  • Rho.net's design process is focussed on usability for the the end user - your customer. We do build cool technology, but we don't build it for the sake of the technology.
  • Rho.net understands security, reliability, and scalability.

Want to Know More?

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