Home Standard Hosting Dedicated Hosting Student Hosting's web hosting services are implemented on a complex of shared or dedicated servers which primarily run Red Hat Linux. For particular requirements, a Windows NT 4.0 server is also available.

  • Standard Web Hosting
    • Your web site is hosted on one of our shared Linux-based systems.
    • Use your own domain name (, etc.) at no additional charge.
    • Microsoft Front Page extensions are available.
    • One email box which can handle multiple names within your domain.
    • Mailing list services using Majordomo.
    • File transfer (ftp) services.
    • Ability to run server-side scripts (CGIs).
  • Dedicated Web Hosting will work with you to design the right custom solution for your business needs.
    • One or more dedicated, physical machines at our secure facility on which your web site will run.
    • Use one or more of your own domain names (, etc.) at no additional charge.
    • Typically, these systems will run Linux or Microsoft Windows NT, but we do have customers who are using other systems such as Compaq's Digital UNIX running on an Alpha-based system.