Student Hosting


Student web hosting accounts are available to students registered in courses which have made arrangements with to provide web hosting for the course. This class of web hosting account is not available to the general public.

Special Features

  • Very economical - one-time charge:
    • $25 per quarter (3 months) or
    • $33 per semester (4 months).
  • Automated, on-line registration with credit card payment only.
  • Full access to's web hosting facilities.
  • 25 Mbytes of storage, 250 Mbytes/month maximum data transfer.
  • One login and one email account.

Domain Name Services

  • Home page may be accessed via an address of the form at no charge.
  • may be requested at no additional charge.
  • May be associated with your own registered domain name for an additional charge of $25. You must register your domain name on your own.
  • Each standard web hosting account is associated with one Internet (IP) address. If you have multiple domains and want them to refer to different web pages, you'll need multiple accounts.

Other Notes

  • All technical support is provided through the course.
  • Continuation of a student hosting account to the next school term is allowed if the student continues to take eligible courses.
  • A student hosting account ay be upgraded to a Student Upgrade Web Hosting account or a Standard Web Hosting account at the end of the quarter or semester. The one-time setup fee will be waived if the upgrade is requested before the student hosting account is decommissioned.
  • Your use of facilities must comply with our usage policy.

Student Upgrade Web Hosting Account

  • This type of account is only available to holders of Student Web Hosting accounts.
  • Account holders do not need to be students for the period during which the student upgrade account is in use. 
  • Features are identical to the Student Web Hosting account.
  • Pricing is $20/month, prepaid for 6 months ($120) or 12 months ($240), payable by check with order. Note that when the Student Upgrade account is renewed, it will be upgraded to a Standard Web Hosting account, so it may be advantageous to select the longer term.