Dedicated Hosting


Our Dedicated Hosting arrangements are custom-designed to meet the specific needs of your company. Your web site will run on a computer system which is dedicated to your company alone, which ensures a maximum degree of privacy and control.

A typical server system configuration would be the following:

  • 500 MHz processor
  • 128 MBytes ECC main memory
  • 10 Gbyte disk
    (approx. 7 Gbytes available for your use)
  • Red Hat Linux
  • Apache Web Server (secure server available)
  • Majordomo mailing list manager

Approximate pricing for this example system with hardware:

  • One-time installation charge: $2,500
  • Monthly system fee: $1,000
  • Bandwidth charge: $25/GByte
    (The bandwidth charge is in addition to the monthly system fee. It is computed on a monthly basis in increments of 1 GByte of data transferred. If your network load is unusually "peaky," an additional charge may be levied.)
  • Standard system setup is included. Consultation, system administration tasks which you could do, and backup services will incur additional charges.

Pricing for your specific system will be quoted upon request. We'll work with you to build the right system for your needs, and will help you grow it as your needs dictate.

Service options:

  • Nightly backup service
    • Local tape (typically DDS-3)
    • Disk-to-Disk (facilitates recovery of lost files)

Hardware options:

  • Mirrored hard disk drive(s)
  • Dedicated hot spare (backup) system at same or remote site
  • Multiple host systems for heavy loads or security

We can also accomodate specific hardware configuration requests for your system:

  • configured and provided system, configured per customer requirements:
    • Model and speed of processor(s)
    • Main memory
    • Disk (size, speed, mirrored disks, etc.)
    • Backup device(s)
  • Customer-specified or customer-provided system
    • This would include specific hardware vendor requests
      (Compaq Alpha, Dell, HP, IBM, SGI, Sun, etc.)

Software options:

  • Operating system (typically Red Hat Linux, FreeBSD, or Microsoft Windows NT)
  • Web server (typically Apache, Red Hat Secure Web Server, or Microsoft Internet Information Server)
  • Mail server (typically Sendmail for SMTP and UWashington's IMAP server for POP3/IMAP4 on Linux, Microsoft Exchange on NT)
  • Database system (varies)
  • Anything else? Ask us!


  • Your use of facilities must comply with our usage policy.